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All-Natural Pain Relief

Make aches and pains a thing of the past. Florida's Best, Inc. manufactures effective pain relieving lotions, ointments, and balms for different types of pain without any nasty side effects or dry skin.
Try our unique products for all-natural pain relief.

All-Natural Skin & Pet Care

Our products are so effective that they are good for pets as well. Be assured that our products will not harm the delicate moisture balance of your skin as well as the health of your pets. Check out our distinct line of all-natural skin and pet care.

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About Us

Get rid of pain without the dry skin. Florida's Best, Inc. in Altamonte Springs, Florida, offers excellent organic products that provide pain relief and natural care for your skin.

Our company is a family-run business with a commitment to quality and developing all-natural products used by thousands of happy customers nationwide. Compared to petroleum-based products that rob natural oils from your skin, our products contain healing and moisturizing assets of essential oils.


Florida's Best, Inc. was founded by naturalist James Toler in 1978 as an investigation into the age-old remedies that had been handed down for generations in his family. Toler embarked on a life journey of studying all-natural healing properties, leading to the development of organic pain relief and skin care products.

Our products are not sold in stores, but in trade shows as well as online. Our sales team travels all over the country to join trade shows and fairs. Be assured that our products work every time you use them, as our clients keep using our products and we receive orders after a trade show.

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